Thursday, June 13, 2013

Look around..Shapes are everywhere

Look around you..At all the shapes around.. Some are perpendicular while others are square or oval...The circles can lead to important strengths and weaknesses we see in ourselves...For these moments we need to connect the dots and allow the dots to conform to the shapes we see in our minds. These dots lead to moments that can draw us closer to a better awareness of the negativity around us. Through the shapes we can better see our thoughts & through our thoughts we can then see a better understanding of ourselves...... What is it that we see when we look at an object in our mental state?Can we look past the odd shapes and sizes and possibly look past them to gain a better understanding of ourselves? The better the understanding the more we can allow for our mental state to bring clarity.This is the clarity we need to go forward to the positive from the negative in order to create a better path full of healthfulness..Kind of,if you will,the yin & yang effect.. as HUMANS we all have bad days.But how can we draw wisdom through sadness?Happiness through anger?We are AFTER ALL humans...We naturally have emotional breakdowns.But it's up to us to allow for the strength we need to erase the negativity and invite a a sense of awareness and allow for newness to send in the happier moments.. These shapes can guide us to a better understanding to allow for us to heal from our mental breakdowns..NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of healing..Because we do heal..ALBEIT SLOWLY but our hearts heal little by little each day as we gain strength through wisdom we find from our spiritual paths..... So......look at that oval shape...And allow your mind to look at the path it takes you. The square shape can transform itself into a circle... BRING IT ON and connect those dots...And create the desired shape you're dreaming of..... And in the end.....You'll soon shape your life the way it was meant to be created!!!! Have fun & grooooooove past those undesirable moments with dignity & grace through wisdom & love the peace shall become...the yin and yang effect NAMASTE & Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzand a better sense of awareness

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Making The Most.....Outta life

It's just as important to be careful as it is to be carefree.. Living life to the fullest is what life is about.It's the only way to create a hapDancepiness effect.You have to create a barrier for a lifetime of happiness...If you don't then you're lifetime of achievement will be pushed aside & you'll NEVER FEEL.....the bit of happiness you desire to create... Learn to live without the fear of the unknown...You need to learn to be FEARLESS instead of FEARFUL. How do we do that?By living in the now instead of living in the past or instead of the for the future. Playing instead of being serious..Look at how kids live..With that fearless attitude.. That's how we as adults should allow ourselves to be!!!!! I love playing in the rain and walking in the puddles...These moments create character!!! Next time you go through a stressful moment....Think about what you wish for or where you wish to be!!!!...And PLEASE......NEXT TIME YOU SEEEEEEEE a puddle walk in it with the laughter and finesse of a child..We all have that LITTLE KINDRED spirit inside of us... Live it Love it BE IT!!!!!For we ALLL NEED that playful energy on a rainy.stormy.dull. tired.stressful day! DREAM BIG!!!!!LIVE CAREFREE....FEARLESS & HAPPPPPY <3 <3 <3 Smilezzzzzzzzzzs & NAMASTE

Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Strength of A woman........

Yes.......We do take on ALOT don't we? I'm not even talking about & marriage... NO.....NOT AT ALL!What I am talking about is RELATIONSHIPS....Dating,our spouses or how about......with EACHOTHER! Emotions.And the wonders of all things? The things we think about on a daily basis....Weight,beauty,& RELATIONSHIPS How do we that guy we have a crush on to notice us?OR......Why didn't the guy who I had a GREAT DATE with call me back? As women,we've all gone through this.Yet,when it comes right down to it,there's too much cattiness that goes on...We have too many women who are jealous of what another woman has.Just because we don't have the same kind of things doesn't mean we are any LESS OF A WOMAN.........the hate has to STOP because it's interfering with our strength....So what if there's a woman who has the man you want..Or she has a better job than you do...She travels all over the world,when you can't.You know what,it's all trivial!Let's celebrate what THESE women have earned, considering these women HAVE MADE IT in a MAN'S WORLD!!!!!!BECAUSE,we need eachother so we should be there for one another....After all,we ARE WOMEN..How many times have we cried over the same type of situations..... Unity is what makes us STRONGER........!What we need to do is balance our energies together and grow.Let's support one another because when ONE WOMAN falls,we ALL FALL. If we can't learn to balance different challenges,how do we expect to learn from eachother?and we HAVE TO learn from eachother's ALL ABOUT the strength of a woman..And that's where our success can make us STRONGER..!Let's learn how to compete in a happy healthy manner without all the judgment & resentment....Let's celebrate UNITY TOGETHER....The strength of a woman...DEPENDS on us being united & strong..We are ALL BEAUTIFUL.SEXY.SUCCESSFUL.LOVED.Because we DID IT TOGETHER & WE ALL go through it....TOGETHER! Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & NAMASTE?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yeah,how about that drama?Is it good or bad drama?Whatever the drama that comes in & out of our lives on a daily basis....Yes as hard as it is to's NEVER ENDING!!!......But don't let it get you down.. because it's NOT WORTH IT!!!The best way to deal with the wonderful drama is to laugh at it...It's the BEST MEDICINE in the world.And by dancing laughing just being you and living in the moment & doing things you LOVE TO DO without resentment & without looking back. Just keep going no matter what. Everyone has drama in their lives and ya know what?It's the people who enjoy life and live it up,laugh & dance that will move forward in their life without regret.Just be.Just live…Just dance.Just laugh.Just go where the journey sends you.Trust that the universe will take you where you need to be for the universe knows where that SPECIAL place is. SOMETIMES our journeys take us to a place where we don't REALLLY WANNA BE but we have to trust the universe and allow it to send our journey to the place we NEEED TO BE...OR as one of my coworkers likes to say.....You can't always get what you want but if you try sometimes you find out it's where you need to be.... The universe sends us people in our lives that tell us things we don't always wanna hear...BUT it's those friends and people in our life,that keep us grounded.Make us smile.And yes they help us to stay focused. Thank them everyday...for they are people we can count on in life!!!!Not to mention,they make us feel good about ourselves in the end..Because they protect us from making mistakes So drama...Yeah...about that drama...Forget that drama and turn into action...or romance and IT UPPPPP. We have nothing to gain except for laughter and fun..Love & friendships.. Ohhhh yeah!!!!!!ENJOYMENT without all that..... *~DRAMA!Who NEEEEEDS IT?~* Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzz & NAMASTE 2 U

Monday, April 15, 2013

Share.Dream.& Love

Complete with love......We couldn't do much better without sharing,dream loving for it's in these states of our hearts & minds that we complete the unity or circle with someone special beside you... It creates a need for the love to bond and grow from a seed to a plant.With an open heart & mind before allowing for that blossom to grow. ALLOW for the abundance of love to grow..Blossom into an energy that strengthens from the core of your emotion chakra...The energy that opens to the heart to the center of the soul. SO with an open heart,create a protective place to regenerate the need to your whole being,hold onto that special heart opening energy & share that energy with someone you love..Breathe in that spiritual place and grow into the motions.NEVER let it go..Emotions.motions..Challenge yourself & allow for the love to transform itself and bring it into the light..The bright light that draws in the smile and the feeling of love that travels through us and gives us the opening to love. Balancing all the appropriate energies to create an open-ness for the opened door in order to share the love.Dream the love.And love the love... This is a subject that to BE HONEST,it's the last thing I can talk about..But as a believer in love..I feel it's IMPORTANT for me to talk about..Because without love,we have NOTHING.....If we refuse to allow for love,we become,bitter soul-less creatures of habit and we can't grow if we can't learn to love...I REFUSE to allow for that to happen..So,we turn things around..Take a DEEP BREATH & Move forward KNOWING that love is about fulfillment of the soul. SO......never forget to share.dream & love....And always keep eachother warm on cold days.Don't forget to cuddle..And always kiss and say.....I LOVE YOU in the right spot...the heart! Always LOVE!!!! Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzz & NAMASTE 2 U

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Allowing the beat to take on it's own rhythm

The beat..The beat of a heart.The beat of your soul.The beat.....of a Drum..... ALL the above have the ability to make us stronger.. They all give us the courage for us to enjoy life and every moment we feel the beat,is a moment for us to be happy. It can be a fast rhythm or a slow rhythm...AWWWWWWBUT??why does it REALLY matter to us? What it should REALLY be about is how happy we are as one soul..As one unit... Beat has rhythm in everything..So..youknow what?Just dance to your own beat!!!!! Even if it's a slow song and you wanna dance fast,huh!!! Who cares!!! Lol,I say that from experience..A slow song was playing on the radio & someone said to me..It's a slow song why are you dancing fast?I looked at that person and said..."Because I don't wanna dance slow..I wanna dance fast"!!!!!! Remember,don't let the music die in you...Bring out that beat and beat it well Carry your own beat inside your heart..For it's your heart that provides the beat!!!! So remember,Aloowing the beat to take on it's own rhythm.....Is your OWN HAPPINESS!!!Dance to the beat of your own spirit..Drumbeat,heartbeat & soul beat.. & NAMASTE!!!!!........~*~

A Beautiful Spring Journey......OF LOVE

Aspiring a beautifying day in Spring....It's easy when you see a tree with ALLL these beautiful flowers...Love moments are as beautiful as the trees in Spring... They offer special moments that can unite love and special feelings of both happiness and love...Wind blowing through every inch of space between time and energy..The places which allow for friendship & love to grow... Love is like a flower...It needs time to grow and the more water the flower has the healthier the flower will blossom..As hard as it is to wait,love needs time to florish & grow into a beautiful flower...You push love & it can fade away into a place where it can't be found.... So it's not worth it to RUSH!!!!! For love is.....a BEAUTIFUL Spring journeyyyyyy...Live it up and let it open up beautiful moments to share for more than just a passing moment Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzz & Namaste