Friday, February 27, 2015

Exploring the soul..There's a beautiful journey to feel and envision

Everyday life has a purpose for you. ..What is your purpose for the day?Have you ever thought about this? And if you have,what is it that you feel in your heart?Is it the powerful need to see the world,change careers, change your thoughts?Perhaps it's a powerful energy to be in a loving relationship with a soul mate or heal a broken heart......Whatever your journey is,look inside of your soul..Close your eyes and feel the strength and guidance that is inside of you..There will be a message there for you to focus on.... And only you can make this change,because it's your life to live!Noone can live your life except for you..Open up your mind,think about the possibilities that are so energized around you..They are so endless and so giving......The universe can open up these endless possibilities..The first thing you have to do,is look deeper inside of yourself and let these messages and day dreams show you the direction of your path..And focus on it,feel them freely and easily... Exploring the soul......There's a beautiful journey to envision...Feel free to explore that vision and believe in it and live it!There's a brand new world out there for you..Enjoy this journey Live inside your soul,because it will guide you to a more powerful place Love & Light..NAMASTE & SMILEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Thursday, February 26, 2015

joy joy joy

Joy joy joy......what brings you joy?Is it music,walking in nature or being with family? Different strokes for different folks....Whatever brings you joy just do it..It takes the edge off of the unneeded stress that is created by work or family or that dreaded and hated traffic....... Don't let theses things saturate your mind and bring negativity into your life,it's not worth it!Creation of happiness is more important than creation of stress..Give yourself the happiness that you deserve and create a day if wellness so you can release and let go..If you have time,walk around in nature and enjoy the energy that nature brings you..The peace and tranquility and caress of love that nature gives us is completely out of love..So take the time to walk around and sit near trees or if you're lucky enough, maybe sit near trees and water! Crete your own little pampering moment As long as it's a feel good moment for the soul to let go and rewind and be happy so you can live in joy joy joy.............. NAMASTE & SMILEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Infinite Joy Of Love

Love........Love is the feeling of joy and happiness which is created by 2 people who engage in a powerful energy of creation...The creation of gratitude and unconditional love that is formed from the heart and carried out to the soul...A romantic love is easily energized by spending quality time ever with the person you went to be with.......That's something that helps a romantic relationship stronger. ..Same thing with friendship love,however it's on a different level...Men & women can be friends,AND I AM TALKING ABOUT DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP FRIENDSHIP,very rarely is it a strong energy but it does exist,and yes I do understand how some people could be afraid of that especially if the man and woman are already in a romantic relationship.....But of course when I say deep relationship mind you, I am thinking more like,say a soul mate friendship which is more along the lines of spiritual almost brother and sister relationship type of love..The spirit doesn't know the difference and when there's a strong connection between 2 souls then it makes the bond so strong that nothing can break it..........I do realize that not everyone is going to appreciate or understand this connection,but the fact is, is tag there are many soul mates that are just friendship based and no marriage or romantic relationship can ever stop it because it is based on a deep connection that's formed naturally. ...Romantic relationships on a strong powerful energy are lime this too......But let there be no doubts, unconditional love is a love that is based on sharing love with everyone you meet,that is the deep friendship love that I am talking about between A man a day a woman.....Unconditional love with compassion and not passion. .that's the difference between a romantic relationship and a platonic relationship....... Yes with a romantic relationship,there is also unconditional love but there's also passion that is shared between those two people....Big solid difference. ...... My infinite happiness comes from joy and love all around me..With gratitude gratefulness mindfulness and an understanding that there is ONLY ONE romantic soul mate for me.....My husband,and yes I have male friends that are also soul mates in the form of friendships. ..... Just share your love and be love with those you meet...Always be about love and compassion and send it out to the world because,it doesn't matter if a person is blessed to have many people who love them,there's still room for more love..Especially if it's unconditional love and compassion Love and light and namaste and as always...smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Stand In The Power Of You

We are all strong in our energy..Whether it's a source of happiness or contentment or maybe just a source of gratefulness. So,whatever the case may be,remember that the way we feel on the outside is the way our heart feels on the inside.....That's how we grow into our power.And this power is something else should all rejoice in and celebrate these powerful and beautiful gifts..These are gifts that come from God.Everyday he blesses us with the ability to pursue the essential gifts that he brings us everyday.... No matter you envision your day to be,always stand in your power because when you do stand in your power you are standing true to who you are as a person..Your uniqueness for being you,this quality doesn't belong to anyone but you... So no matter what you do during the day,always celebrate the power you have inside of your soul......You are a golden child with gifts of magical energy. .Cherish it and create something that no one else can create.... STAND IN YOUR POWER,The power of you! Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & namaste 2 u

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Trolls With The Mostest

We've all been there plenty of times......We say the wrong thing at the wrong time GOD FORBID YOU act human.... People are bored,so bored that they have to harass you and criticize everything,right?well not here!Because I am way to powerful and strong to deal with trolls...Because I am a warrior...Warriors don't allow you to strike. .We just get up and walk away strong and brave and beautiful.........So next time someone wants to take a shot at me,always know,that this girl is way ahead of you..Mindfully speaking...You see,I think with an unconditional heart and mindful soul so I don't judge people who make a mistake or say something wrong..No I don't troll people. ..I just go to that person very nicely and with the deep compassion that I have,I let them know what they're wrong about and guide them in the right direction...... Because this girl,has got too much pride and love for other human beings..Yeah,and you trolls that tried to knock me down......haaahaahaa,yeah nice try but didn't happen.........IT NEVER WILL BECAUSE I LOVE MYSELF...... TROLLS,NOT HERE PLEASE...PLAY NICE OR DON'T play at alllllllllllllll Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz & namaste

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Look around..Shapes are everywhere

Look around you..At all the shapes around.. Some are perpendicular while others are square or oval...The circles can lead to important strengths and weaknesses we see in ourselves...For these moments we need to connect the dots and allow the dots to conform to the shapes we see in our minds. These dots lead to moments that can draw us closer to a better awareness of the negativity around us. Through the shapes we can better see our thoughts & through our thoughts we can then see a better understanding of ourselves...... What is it that we see when we look at an object in our mental state?Can we look past the odd shapes and sizes and possibly look past them to gain a better understanding of ourselves? The better the understanding the more we can allow for our mental state to bring clarity.This is the clarity we need to go forward to the positive from the negative in order to create a better path full of healthfulness..Kind of,if you will,the yin & yang effect.. as HUMANS we all have bad days.But how can we draw wisdom through sadness?Happiness through anger?We are AFTER ALL humans...We naturally have emotional breakdowns.But it's up to us to allow for the strength we need to erase the negativity and invite a a sense of awareness and allow for newness to send in the happier moments.. These shapes can guide us to a better understanding to allow for us to heal from our mental breakdowns..NEVER UNDERESTIMATE the power of healing..Because we do heal..ALBEIT SLOWLY but our hearts heal little by little each day as we gain strength through wisdom we find from our spiritual paths..... So......look at that oval shape...And allow your mind to look at the path it takes you. The square shape can transform itself into a circle... BRING IT ON and connect those dots...And create the desired shape you're dreaming of..... And in the end.....You'll soon shape your life the way it was meant to be created!!!! Have fun & grooooooove past those undesirable moments with dignity & grace through wisdom & love the peace shall become...the yin and yang effect NAMASTE & Smilezzzzzzzzzzzzand a better sense of awareness

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Making The Most.....Outta life

It's just as important to be careful as it is to be carefree.. Living life to the fullest is what life is about.It's the only way to create a hapDancepiness effect.You have to create a barrier for a lifetime of happiness...If you don't then you're lifetime of achievement will be pushed aside & you'll NEVER FEEL.....the bit of happiness you desire to create... Learn to live without the fear of the unknown...You need to learn to be FEARLESS instead of FEARFUL. How do we do that?By living in the now instead of living in the past or instead of the for the future. Playing instead of being serious..Look at how kids live..With that fearless attitude.. That's how we as adults should allow ourselves to be!!!!! I love playing in the rain and walking in the puddles...These moments create character!!! Next time you go through a stressful moment....Think about what you wish for or where you wish to be!!!!...And PLEASE......NEXT TIME YOU SEEEEEEEE a puddle walk in it with the laughter and finesse of a child..We all have that LITTLE KINDRED spirit inside of us... Live it Love it BE IT!!!!!For we ALLL NEED that playful energy on a rainy.stormy.dull. tired.stressful day! DREAM BIG!!!!!LIVE CAREFREE....FEARLESS & HAPPPPPY <3 <3 <3 Smilezzzzzzzzzzs & NAMASTE